Canadians – Get a better sale price of your property – increase energy rating


Canadian homes are now planning to “go green” as studies have revealed that energy efficiency measures can increase the value of a property. Green buildings not only save on the energy bills, but also help preserving our environment.

increase-value-of-your-homeStudies had found that most of the green buildings get 0 to 4% of the sale price than the conventional buildings. It also stated that nearly half of the green buildings payback in five years or less from energy and water savings. Apart from the cost benefits, it also provides several health and productivity benefits.

Most importantly, the cost for constructing a green building can be less than the conventional building since it comes with an efficient design. If you plan for a sustainable project, it is a good idea to make it at the beginning stage. This will keep your costs low and it is better than making design changes in the middle.

Homeowners also choose to renovate their houses for energy efficiency purposes since potential buyers like to purchase an energy efficient home. Though it is hard to insulate and implement green measures in older properties, there are few solutions.

Green measures include attic insulation, windows, boilers, cavity wall insulation, drought proofing, external and internal solid wall insulation. Creating your own energy is also an important aspect of green building.

Some people may think that implementing green measures are an extra cost. But it is actually a saving. Once built, green building provides benefits for the entire lifetime. Although savings are the primary reason to build a green building, it provides unlimited number of benefits such as getting the natural light inside the home.

Green building is a comfortable and healthy choice that can return higher productivity rates and higher resale value. The average sales price of a building increases above $20 per sq.ft. As of now, the green real estate market is small in Canada and many people like to buy green buildings which increase the demand for energy efficient homes.

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