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EcoHousing – Our Home Initiative for Greater Vancouver & BC Canada

Welcome to what we would like to call a grass roots sustainable eco home initiative to helping not just our wonderful Canada become energy conscientious but to also save Canadian homeowners a ton of money! Originally we started as a lay organization that has started a laity movement to assist all households in Greater Vancouver BC, [Continue]

The Best Way to Conserve Energy in your House

Conserving electrical energy at your home happens to be more and more critical in the past several years. Utilizing electrical energy without the need of consideration to saving power makes a contribution to climatic change and results in substantial power bills. Selecting your own home equipment correctly, becoming aware of your power utilization routines, and [Continue]

The Types of Eco-friendly Fireplaces

Wood-burning stoves and also standard fireplaces have kept households comfortable and warmth them for hundreds of years. However, lately, natural-gas fireplaces become popular due to their simpleness and minimal upkeep. People today are more environmentally aware, but what type of fireplace for your home is actually a lot more eco-friendly? It is important to understand [Continue]