EcoHousing – Our Home Initiative for Canada & North Vancouver

canadian energy houses sell much faster - says agent

MaineEnergyWelcome to what we would like to call a grass roots sustainable eco home initiative to helping not just our wonderful Canada become energy conscientious but to also save Canadian homeowners a ton of money!

Originally we started as a lay organization that has started a laity movement to assist all households in BC, including the energy conversion of properties like houses, duplexes, triplexes, row homes, as well as apartments (by the use of solar panels).

Today our focus is to drive residential real estate all across Canada to convert to more sustainable sources of energy. Many building companies and real estate agents have not converted to building and becoming specialized in selling homes that have an energy rating of 80 or higher. Further, many realtors in Canada are focussing their business on motivating clients to increasing their energy rating. A few realtors have stated that the market value of houses at least in Vancouver have increased significantly. If done correctly properties that had old energy sources and converted to renewable energy have done very well in the market.


Our proposition is simple for All Canadians: We will not only help you better the environment but also enable you to sell your home or condo for more money – even in North Vancouver!

You can clearly see the value in this. We have led a great march toward a hope filled future, aligning the Canadian home seller’s interest in mind together with the interests of Canadian house buyers and the hope filled mission to make our world use a renewable energy source, or at least to help reduce emissions.

You can see from the video below just how properties are being marketed for sale with an eco edge. We are finding that even in expensive markets this is the case, especially in the heated north vancouver condos market:

You can certainly see the appeal of such a powerful selling tool! The impression that home buyers in North Vancouver are left with are simply incredible. Just in BC alone many home sellers and buyers have been jaw dropped at just how we could help them. Also with the high prices of property, this could be a huge cost saver! A easy to find case are north vancouver condos located in Bewicke avenue near marine drive, using geothermal heating as a source.



We will help the Home Seller / Renovator / Builder / Realtor / Home Owner every step of the way!

Our Crew will oversee the entire process from consultation to the strategy for implementation including:
1) Current home appraisal before implementation (only in BC Canada)
2) Assessment of home needs (energy needs)
3) Heating Sources
4) Energy Conservation
5) Disposal
6) Appliances


As you can see there are many benefits of working with us! We really would like to change the way energy is used in our planet. Please help us in this endevour.


There are many sources of incentives that we will also work with you and renovating your North Vancouver condo!


Rebates and incentives from BC Hydro

Rebates and incentives from FortisBC Electric


We only have one earth – increase the value of your home and help us all

Don’t delay into placing this into action. The Earth above all will thank you. If you are a home owner, your pocket will thank you.
Many home sellers are already placing a curve ahead by using eco initiatives that work for getting top dollar for the sale of their homes. The only think stopping you is ACTION = Amazing Character Transformation. The most astounding fact is that you can do this today. You can help the world and increase the value of you housing.

Canadian home owners are starting to wake up… and its about time. We all need this.

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