BC Home owners Enjoy Great Incentives from BC Hydro and Fortis Energy


Maybe you knew… and if not, its about time you knew that there are great incentives from BC Hydro and Fortis Energy to convert your old dinosaur clunker home into a green & healthy shinning armour example – and yes you will increase the value of your home at the same time.


BC Hydro and Fortis electric energy suppliers have promised to make all homes in Canada and its environs go green and clean. The two are providing amazing incentives for home owners from Fortis and BC Hydro to convert your home into eco friendliness.


They are committed to assisting stratas, real estate owners, landlords, tenants, institutions make green renovations to their buildings. Whether one is building a new construction, making tenant improvements and home remodeling, they stand to benefit from the exciting offers.


To get the incentives, you need to fill an EnerGuide form and submit it to the companies. This will provide you with an opportunity to have a clear picture of where to save more on your home building with upto $1200 for insulations, $800 for ductless heat pumps and $500 for draft proofing. With the lighting retrofit energy solutions, energy efficiency upgrades and free smart meters provided, clients stand to save upto 15-30% per month!


BC Hydro and Fortis provide the following incentives for your eco-friendly real estate in Vancouver:


  1.  Incentives for Insulations: Get up to $1200 for exterior wall insulations, $1000 for basement insulations and $600 for basement insulations.
  2.  Incentives for Draft proofing and ventilation services. As you draft proof your home, get $500 for draft proofing upgrades and $25 for Energy star bathroom fans
  3.  Incentives for Space heating fitting servicesSave heating costs with the $800 for ductless heat pump and subsidized fireplace costs.
  4.  Incentives for Water heating fitting systemsHave Gas hot water heaters at a low cost.
  5.  Free Bonus prizes for going green from the Energy providers.


According to Featureweb, avid real estate investors, “Once you make at least 3 energy upgrades, BC Hydro and Fortis promises that you will receive incentives of up to $750.” Hey, I know its not a lot, but its something. And besides, you will be making your home more valuable and save HUGE on your monthly energy bills. See why most homes in Germany have converted.


So get your investment dollars back with these free offers and incentives.  Just use the Energuide form, fill it up and submit to BC Hydro and Fortis energy providers.
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