How to make your Canadian home more energy friendly and sell for more money?

In Canada, homes are being urged to go green and save energy. This is regardless of whether the homeowner is a first time buyer, or someone planning to relocate somewhere in the British Columbia area. According to the advocates, energy-efficient homes not only help contribute to a healthier lifestyle and an environment-friendly home, but also saves a homeowner’s money spent on the energy bill. However, it has been a common question among Canadians – “how to make your home more energy friendly and sell for more money?” 


Power Smart Home Pilot Program

The Power Smart Home Pilot Program allows new homeowners to save energy and money by assisting owners with their home’s energy usage, such as for lighting, appliances, ventilation, heating, and the windows. According to the Power Smart Home Pilot Program:

· Lighting covers about 16% of the electrical consumption in one’s house. Installing compact fluorescent light bulbs that carry an ENERGY STAR® label will help in conserving energy.

· Appliances on the other hand covers about 20% of the electricity in an average home. Buying appliances with the ENERGY STAR® label will help reduce energy consumption in one’s home. Refrigerators with the ENERGY STAR® label are approximately 20% more efficient than those without, while dishwashers with ENERGY STAR® label are 25% more efficient. Meanwhile, clothes washers that includes a washing machine and a drier, with the ENERGY STAR® label can reduce energy consumption up to 50%.

· Ventilation is important in a home. Fans that come with an ENERGY STAR® label uses half the energy of a regular one. Moreover, they are very quiet with low tone levels.

· Heating is also as important as ventilation. This accounts for 50% of the energy consumption at a household. Thus, it is important to take into consideration the type of heating system to be utilized.

· Windows are also important when conserving energy. This is because windows with the ENERGY STAR® label keep the home warm, especially during the winter season, by preventing the heat inside from escaping.


LiveSmart BC Programs

LiveSmart BC programs on the other hand empower citizens to make smarter and eco-friendly lifestyle choices. To entice homeowners to go green, the LiveSmart BC Programs offer rebates and incentives that are designed to decrease energy consumption and help homeowners enjoy saving from their monthly bills.


By joining the cause and taking advantage of the rebates and savings, homeowners do not only lessen greenhouse gas emissions and save money, but they also support the Province of British Columbia’s cause in meeting the limitation of greenhouse gas emissions and thereby developing an eco-friendly economy.

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