How Germany real estate has increased in price because they invested in solar panels

german-solar-real-estateGermany is leading the world in solar energy despite its cooler climate in comparison to many other countries. It certainly put the myth to rest that only full sun is effective in generating power. Germany is proving, this simply isn’t true. Another immediate benefit from having solar panels installed for homes is real estate value.

It would be almost impossible not to see how Germany real estate has increased in price because they have invested in solar panels. For years now Germany has blitzed solar power energy generation showing their commitment to cleaning up and shutting down their nuclear energy production.

The power gathered from the sun has matched and exceeded the nuclear production at times, and in a place where one hour of sun a day is not uncommon, this proves solar power is a real and achievable way to produce clean, green energy. It stands to reason that not having to pay for power from other sources is going to raise the value of any home.

Solar panels are set up on many homes of all shapes and sizes, on commercial buildings, churches, shopping centres and pretty much anywhere they can fit. Germany also makes the components needed to set up for solar power, and so the installation costs can be kept low. There are villages who have taken on the challenge of being completely powered by renewable energy, and actually put power back into the grid.

Buying real estate in Germany can mean a significant saving in yearly costs if solar power is set up on a home. This is giving real-time benefits that start from the moment of purchase and gives good reason as to why and how Germany real estate has increased in price because they invested in solar panels.

This proves once again that solar power does save money, is great for the environment, is a valuable asset to any home.

We want to bring this technology to Canada once and for all, so join us in our task!

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